Goodbye Sitecore

Sadly, for personal reasons, I have resigned my position as Lead Developer of the EXM team at Sitecore. I will desperately miss my colleagues around the world but I do intend on staying active within the community, so I'm sure we'll meet regularly.

On the other hand, I am excited to be freelancing again. To begin with, I will be leading the digital transformation of a small company in The Netherlands, Schreuders Sport International, where I started my programming career in 2003. They have recently introduced Sitecore, and I look forward to helping them with their internal and external websites, reporting, email, and marketing automation.

I am available for adhoc Sitecore / EXM consultancy so please do reach out if you'd like me to spend a day or two at your offices.

I'll continue to help run and attend the Sitecore UK User Groups. So no change there, although these days they seem to be running themselves thanks to our great community.

It's still a bit unclear who the new MVP coordinator will be in the UK but I'm sure it will be announced soon at one of the user groups.

Oh, and currently there is an opening to strengthen the Sitecore EXM team in Copenhagen.

This should all leave me some time for blogging. The community sets the bar very high, but I'll try my best to add some value.

Thanks as always, Steve